IELTS SPEAKING TOPIC VOCABULARY FOOD: Below are the sample words and expressions that you can use in order to help you increase your mark in the criterion, Lexical Resource.    If you are a food lover and you get the topic about Food during your IELTS speaking exam, you are lucky! However, luck is not the only ingredient to success in acing your...


  MUSIC IELTS VOCABULARY: Study the words and expressions below that you can use when talking about music on your during your IELTS Speaking exam. Learn them by heart and use them naturally.    Everybody loves music. Don’t you? One of the common topics in IELTS Speaking is Music. You may know some music genres which is really helpful to talk about music, however,...


  IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY TRAVEL: Here are the words and expressions that help you express your answers better about travel and holiday.    Talking about Travel or Holidays is not rocket science in IELTS as most of us enjoy traveling. We can always articulate our thoughts about travel, especially if we have great memories. However, to develop your answers best, you need to apply...


  IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY TECHNOLOGY: These words and expressions are a huge help to boost your mark in the criterion, Lexical Resource. Study these words as they help you express your answer better.    When talking about Technology, it is a must to use words related to it as they help boost your mark on the criterion, Lexical Resource. As much as you can,...

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Hi students! My name is Julius. I am the author of this IELTS website. I am a non-native English speaker who achieved the highest band score (band 9.0) on the IELTS speaking test on my first attempt.

I graduated with a degree in Communication Arts from Cebu Normal University, one of the prestigious schools in the Philippines. I am a licensed teacher and TESOL-certified.

I once worked at a UK-based company teaching business English to Japanese businessmen who primarily work at Nikkei, a media company in Japan.

I created this website to help you all achieve your desired band scores so you will not be wasting so much money, time, and effort by retaking the exam numerous times. All of the sample answers I provided on this website are a product of my experience as a band 9.0 achiever and an experienced IELTS speaking coach.

I've made sure that all of the sample answers are developed in a conversational and natural way because that is how I achieved a crisp band 9.0.

Be one of the many students who achieved their target band scores by utilizing this website as one of the learning resources!